Catrin Sohrabi, Medical Student, Barts and the London Medical School (April 2019)

I am a medical student at Barts and The London with a keen interest in pursuing a future academic surgery-focused career. Having joined the ASC in 2018 to acquire mentorship and guidance in publishing high quality scientific manuscripts, advice on how to prepare for future surgical application processes, and of tips, tricks, and helpful courses on how best to boost my CV, I feel that I have received the upmost level of support to date and have been warmly welcomed into the team. As part of the ASC I have had the opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals sharing as equal a passion for surgery, as well as of the ability to contribute to a publication. Collectively, I am keen to continue my engagement with the ASC and would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way.

Dr. Mimi R. Borrelli, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Stanford University School of Medicine, formerely medical student at King’s College London (April 2019)

I have been a member of the ASC since 2016 and for me it has been an amazing opportunity and opened up so many doors. I have loved the opportunity to collaborate with other motivated medical students, junior doctors, and registrars, and to design and lead projects. The group work has helped me expand my CV which has been invaluable for helping me secure a research position as a postdoc in the States. I have made some really strong friendships with like-minded individuals. My mentors, mainly Riaz Agha and Tom Pidgeon, have really helped me grow as a researcher and an individual.

Tom Pidgeon, Specialty Registrar, West Midlands Deanery (May 2017)

“My time with the ASC prepared me incredibly well for the NHS registrar (ST3) application process. The ASC has enhanced my research, managerial, teaching and leadership skills. The ASC has given me the opportunity to publish my own work as well as present on an international stage. I have been able to act as both research trainee and mentor, as a tutor at the IJS Conference, and as a coordinator of an international research collaborative. In April 2017 I was granted a registrar post in plastic surgery (ST3). I would like all ASC members to continue to have the opportunities I have had with the organisation. I’d also like to thank you for you membership and support and look forward to helping you succeed on your respective paths.”